More than £10,000 has been spent by the DHSS on promoting flouridation of the Island’s water supply, in the past 18 months.

It includes £6,000 for printing and distributing leaflets, due to be delivered to every household in the Island, and a little under £3,000 on a telephone poll.

The leaflet was severely criticised in Tynwald, because it contained factually inaccurate information on the Water Authority’s stance on floridation.

Graham Bell reports:

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In a written reply to Rushen MHK Quintin Gill, Health Minister Eddie Teare makes it clear no money has been spent on advising caution against flouridation.

However, he says a consultation exercise included presentation of the facts about fluorosis, which he describes as the only recognised drawback of water flouridation.

Mr Teare says the principles of Evidence Based Medicine were used in deciding whether the argument for or against flouridation was persuasive.

International systemic reviews were studied, and guidance and policies from bodies such as the World Health Organisation were examined and applied to the work of the Public Health Directorate.