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Prince George. Letter: Get fluoride out of water

Source: Prince George Free Press | June 9th, 2011 | By Joanne Schilling

It would appear that the anti-fluoride movement has hit critical mass, in that there now exists sufficient momentum for the movement that is both self-sustaining and growing. Politicians, legal pundits, and major corporations are paying attention and taking action against dispensing fluoride that according to the FDA is an “unapproved drug.”

For instance, city leaders in Calgary, Waterloo, and Verchères recently have elected to stop fluoridation, while in the U.S., civil rights leaders in Atlanta have called for a halt to the practice, a New York City councilman has introduced a bill to stop fluoridation, and Tennessee state legislators from both political parties have noted growing calls for Fluoridegate investigations in a letter to the state’s health commissioner.

In a recent American Association for Justice newsletter article, “Fluoridegate and Fluoride Litigation: What Law Firms Need to Know About Fluoride Toxic Tort Actions” (Vol. 18, No. 2), the authors focus on “a growing “fluoridegate” scandal, and that “government agencies and private sector groups are admitting concerns about the impact to the body from fluorides in numerous consumer products, including water, beverages, foods made with fluoridated water or containing fluoride fumigant residues, and oral care products.”

A partial list of defendants includes manufacturers of fluoridation chemicals, oral care product manufacturers, retailers, water utilities, medical and dental practitioners, and professional associations. Causes of legal action range from personal injury, failure to warn, negligent misrepresentation, medical or dental malpractice, and consumer fraud. Notably: “The curtain is lifting, exposing the degree of deception at the root of the fluoridegate scandal and highlighting the liability of both municipal water providers and private companies.”

The tipping point was when major corporations finally bent to public sentiment. Colgate-Palmolive and GlaxoSmithKline (Aquafresh) are selling ‘fluoride-free, safe if swallowed’ toothpaste for infants and toddlers. Orajel has also produced a fluoride-free toothpaste, with the small print: “swallowing too much fluoride can cause fluorosis,” which as we all know is the disfiguring staining and pitting of teeth. Now they’re telling us!?

Even Gerber is getting on the public relations bandwagon with unfluoridated bottled water so that parents of babies can avoid using fluoridated city water to mix baby formula.

So, in light of the above, and public opinion hitting critical mass, one has to wonder if our city fathers will start to address the issue of the drug, fluoride, that is being illegally dispensed to Prince George citizens.