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Prince George. Letter: One in 10 have objectionable dental flourosis

Source: Prince George Citizen | March 13th, 2014 | By Kevin Millership

Re: Lawsuit filed over fluoridation, March 6, 2014

For the record, your above story contained one or two errors.

One: Between four and 18.8 per cent have moderate dental fluorosis in fluoridated communities (1ppm), not 14 to 18%.

Two: The local group opposed to fluoridation in P.G. is called Fluoride Free Prince George, not P.G. Fluoride Free.

All and all though, good story.

Just so your readers know, about one in 10 people in Prince George have objectionable dental fluorosis according to Canadian fluoride expert Dr. Hardy Limeback.

This moderate to severe dental fluorosis, which includes mild dental fluorosis if its displayed on the front two teeth, will need costly dental treatments over a lifetime to repair.

Dental fluorosis is a disfiguring dental disease. It is a toxic response by our bodies to an over-exposure of fluoride. Fluoride poisoning.

This fluoride poisoning causes a hypomineralization of tooth enamel (less calcium) as the tooth cells form into teeth in a child’s gums (before eruption).

In it’s mild forms dental fluorosis displays as paper white spots or streaks on tooth enamel and in it’s moderate to severe forms as orange to brown stained teeth (hypomineralized teeth stain easier from foods and beverages) with pitted and eroded sections that are more prone to decay. This disfiguring dental disease costs thousands of dollars to repair (up to $100,000 over a lifetime) and leaves the person affected psychologically damaged until treatment is rendered.

Kevin Millership