Updated May 29

In her first public comments on the issue since ending water fluoridation in Mims, Brevard County Commission Chair Rita Pritchett on Thursday admitted she erred when she failed to include the community in the process, but stopped short of an apology.

Pritchett, under pressure from local health experts, announced Thursday she would hold a public discussion on her decision to halt the addition of fluoride to the drinking water at the county-run Mims Water Treatment Plant in her district.

Utilities halted the program at the Mims plant on May 13, at Pritchett’s direction. The decision impacts about 8,000 residents.

The public event, scheduled for June 21, gives residents and experts an opportunity to weigh in on the decision, a chance they were denied May 4, when commissioners approved Pritchett’s request to end the program in a snap vote that wasn’t included on a publicly posted meeting agenda…

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