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Pro-fluoride group wants public vote in Boyne City

Source: Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) | July 16th, 2014 | By David Cassleman
Location: United States, Michigan

A Boyne City group wants fluoride back in the public water supply. That’s after Boyne City leaders ended the 40-year fluoridation program in May.

The group “Citizens United for Dental Health” is organizing a petition-drive to get the question on the November ballot.

Tom Veryser, the President of Michigan Community Dental Clinics, is a dentist and Boyne City resident. He supports fluoridation. He says he’s seen anti-fluoride activism in the past, but was still shocked with the city commission’s vote.

“I was aghast that in the 21st century a local municipality would ignore 60 years of science and positive experience with water fluoridation in this country,” Veryser says.

The pro-fluoride group sent mailings this week to every registered voter in Boyne City. They’ve also planned two open house events next week to collect signatures.

At the same time, a different group wants to do the opposite in Traverse City.

“Fluoride Free in TC” want to force a vote to ban water fluoridation there, after Traverse City commissioners re-affirmed the practice last month.

Both groups need to turn-in signatures by the end of July.