Fluoride Action Network

Pro-fluoride letter writer a registered lobbyist

Source: Lethbridge Herald | Letter to the Editor | September 22nd, 2013 | By Tony Hall, Lethbridge
Location: Canada, Alberta

Dr. Gerry Uswak speaks for a powerful lobby extravagantly funded by our tax dollars to promote toxic fluoride in our tap water.

Rather than address directly the most recent scientific literature detailing the assaults on public health from fluoridated tap water, Dr. Uswak simply rhymes off a list of authorities caught in a time warp. These assaults include the lowering of children’s IQs, heightened risk of cancer, calcification of the pineal gland and the rendering of bones to be more brittle and subject to arthritis over time. Moreover, toxic fluoridation also shows up in disfiguring brown spots on some victims’ teeth.

Most of the agencies cited by Dr. Uswak in his form letter are so burdened by possible lawsuits that they have a large vested interest in maintaining the status quo. They seek to evade liability for their roles in the genesis of a scandal of betrayed public health together with gross violations of the individual’s right and responsibility to give informed consent to medical interventions aimed at altering human health.

Dr. Uswak’s scholarly objectivity is compromised by the fact he is listed as a registered lobbyist on the website of the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying in Canada. This legal status speaks to Dr. Uswak’s function as a key point person in the Fluoride Lobby’s elaborate system of patronage, cronyism and, mutual back scratching. (https://ocl-cal.gc.ca/app/secure/orl/lrrs/do/clntSmmry;jsessionid=0001hF0OAFNzPavB3NnwFi2ojtf:PEIVNFDHN?clientNumber=5262&sMdKy=1378917633083).

I notice Dr. Uswak has also put himself on the wrong side of history by seeking to justify the continued use by dentists of mercury-bearing amalgams as tooth fillings. Who is registered lobbyist Dr. Uswak endeavouring to serve by downplaying the public health risks of an activity already outlawed by Norway, Sweden, and Denmark? (http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4872).

The governments of these three Scandinavian countries are all widely recognized as leaders in the field of public health. Like all the governments of western Europe, those of Norway, Sweden and Denmark have eschewed the addition of toxic fluoride to tap water. A growing number of Canadians, including many forward-looking citizens of Lethbridge, understand that western Europe is far more advanced than the United States on vital issues of public health including the fluoride question. It is time to take our eyes off the rear view mirror and to look ahead to the enlightened removal of toxic fluoride from our tap water.

Tony Hall