STAFFORD: On behalf of Queenslanders For Safe Water Inc, I would like to respond to comments by Dr Jeanette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer.

In this letter Dr Young asserts that “regular drinks of fluoridated water provide the ideal constant repair kit for teeth”.

If this theory was true, then adults in the other Australian states which are all heavily fluoridated should have much less tooth decay than Queensland adults, where less than five per cent of the population currently drinks fluoridated water.

Unfortunately for Dr Young, her theory is blown out of the water by Australian state adult tooth decay data published just a few months ago, that shows in every adult age group Queensland adults actually have less decay than at least one other state and there is actually very little difference between the states.

Could Dr Young please explain why, if fluoride acts as a constant repair kit for teeth, it doesn’t work when adults have been swallowing it for 30 to 40 years? Perhaps, also why no health and safety studies have been done before forcing fluoridation on Queenslanders?

The case seems to have been proven that fluoride in water, ingested for 30 to 40 years makes no difference to decreasing tooth decay, so why is Premier Anna Bligh forcing it on us?