ANGRY members of the public marched on the Department of Health yesterday demanding an end to fluoridation of drinking water.

More than 100 Fluoride Free Water campaigners handed in scientific studies which link fluoridation with serious health impacts such as cancer and irritable bowel syndrome.

They also claim that the chemical used to fluoridate tap water contains toxic levels of arsenic, chromium, nickel, and mercury.

Spokesman Dr Don MacAuley said that data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed the Government was endangering the public’s health by continuing the water treatment.

He said Ireland was one of the few countries where the water system is fluoridated on a mandatory basis.

Other European states such as Sweden, Holland and Denmark had banned the practice.

Dr MacAuley said: “We are calling on the Minister of Health to stop fluoridation immediately, carry out health checks as required by legislation, and begin an independent public inquiry into this mass medication.”

The group said the official Forum on Fluoridation due to report to the minister later this year was nothing but a “paper tiger”.

A Department of Health spokesman declined to comment on the issue while the forum is proceeding.