When North Baldwin Utilities decided to stop putting fluoride in the water because of studies suggesting health risks, it brought a lot of attention to a chemical many have ingested for years in the Bay Minette Community.

Resident Richard O’Neal tells WKRG News 5, “I’ve done the research on both sides of the issue, and I can see why you would want to have fluoride, and I can also see why you wouldn’t want to have fluoride”

Some water customers are glad to see the board remove the chemical from the water supply. But, local dentists contend fluoride is safe and crucial to good oral health. They’ve been gathering signatures to petition the water board to reverse it’s decision.

Tuesday Night at 6pm, the water board will hold a public forum in Bay Minette City Council Chambers. The first twenty people to sign up can speak for three minutes each.

North Baldwin Utilities General Manager Jason Padgett says, “What we’re doing is giving everyone the opportunity to voice their mind and then at that time the board in some venue may bring it back up to decide to leave it in or continue to stand behind what they’ve already done to discontinue fluoride”.

Padgett says you can also submit your concerns in writing. O’neal plans to express his concerns to the board in person. He’s attending the public forum.

“Make your own decision, do your own research, and don’t be subjective. Look at both sides of the issue and decide what you like and show up at the meeting and make your opinion known”, says O’Neal.