People in the village of Pulaski may not notice it right away, but starting Friday, there will be something missing in the water.


It’s a big mistake to Dr. William Buckley, a dentist in the village.

“I think it’s sad for the children of this village that they don’t think enough of their health concerns,” he said.

Dr. Buckley says fluoride in village water isn’t noticeable to most people, but it’s essential in strengthening teeth in growing kids.

“If you get it while you’re growing and the teeth are forming, it gets into the whole tooth. So it has a better effect on kids then it does on adults, but it still protects adults’ teeth,” he said.

Despite Buckley’s pleas, the village water board voted Tuesday to have fluoride removed from the water.

Pulaski mayor Karl Hax tells 7 News the water board voted to remove it in order to save the village’s aging water pipes and save money – roughly $10,000 over the course of a year in the village.

But other dentists we spoke to in the village say what some residents save in their water bill, they could end up spending in dentists bills.

“The cost of a filling is more than the cost that you would pay, per year, for an entire family to have fluoride in the water,” said Dr. Melissa Noel, chief dental officer at Pulaski Health Center.

Despite the protest, fluoride is set to go down the drain in the village for good on Friday.