Q: My child often drinks filtered water. I am concerned that the lack of fluoride might be a problem. Should we add a fluoride rinse or is it just not an issue?

A: The simple answer is that filtered water is just not a major issue. This is said with a qualifier, of course. Regular water filters such as Pur and Brita only remove about 5 percent of the fluoride. These are the $15 – $30 types found at Walmart and Target. If you have a reverse osmosis filter — that’s a $1,000 unit or so — then all of the fluoride is removed. Even then, if you use a fluoridated toothpaste and eat canned goods or drink water from public places, you should be sufficiently covered.

— Dr. Mark Muncy
Pediatric Dentistry, Greer

This is an excerpt from article titled, Q&A: Coconut oil, artificial sweeteners, fluoride