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Quebec City ends 36 years of fluoridation

Source: FAN Bulletin 946: VICTORY in Quebec confirmed! | March 27th, 2008
Location: Canada, Quebec

FAN Bulletin 946: VICTORY in Quebec confirmed!

March 27, 2008

After the council of Quebec City issued its intention last year to end fluoridation on April 1, 2008, promoters of fluoridation in government went into action and lobbied to get them to change their mind. Despite these efforts, and those by a newly elected mayor and a lot of misinformation distributed by the media, on Tuesday, March 25, the Council confirmed by a vote of 16 to 13 its intention to end fluoridation on April 1. When this occurs it will leave only about 5% of the population of Quebec drinking fluoridated water. This is a huge victory for Quebec, for the whole of Canada, and the rest of the world.

A letter below from Jimmy Siles gives more details on this and I hope our readers – as he requests – will take the time to send a letter to the leader of the opposition in the council congratulating him on upholding this decision.

Paul Connett


Jimmy Siles’ email on the Quebec City decision

Hello Dr Connett,

Good news! Last Tuesday, Quebec city officially voted to enforce the termination of water fluoridation as of April 1st 2008!

Our elected representatives voted 16 to 13 to uphold their 2007 vote, despite intense pressure from the part of the Quebec Health Branch (Direction de la santé publique) during the last week.

Not only that, but the Media have flooded newspapers with ‘fluoridation information’ the Easter weekend just before the vote took place (coincidence?). Not surprisingly, media action has limited itself to repeating like parrots what the ‘fluoride experts’ have told them to write and say: fluoride is wonderful, it is 100% safe, and there is not one single credible scientific study indicating any harm from fluoridation…

Quebec’s pro-fluoride Mayor, Mr Labeaume, has even made a fool of himself when he publicly stated that those not in favor of water fluoridation (the majority of elected representatives) are victims of ”the environmental lobby” and that there is some type of ”underlying eco-terrorism involved!” …