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Queensland: Councillor to put Bligh on notice

Source: Rockhampton Morning Bulletin | May 29th, 2010 | By Adrian Taylor
Location: Australia

PREMIER Anna Bligh will face some tricky questions tomorrow. And campaigning councillor Glenda Mather is determined to make her squirm.

If she gets the chance during the public question and answer session, Cr Mather plans to put the Premier on the spot over a pledge she allegedly made to provide financial compensation to anyone who suffers ill health as a result of adding compulsory fluoride to the water supply.

“I want to ask her if she accepts she signed such a pledge and if she will honour the agreement,” said Cr Mather yesterday.

The Rockhampton Regional Council member fought in vain to resist compulsory fluoridation, but she refuses to accept that the fight is over.

“There are people within this community who are suffering medical conditions which are either caused, or compounded by fluoride in the town supply,” she said.

“They are either forced to purchase bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes, or install domestic water filtration systems which require on-going maintenance.

“Many of these are pensioners who can ill-afford this unnecessary and expensive means to avoid pain caused by damage to their health.

“These ratepayers pay for their Council-supplied water, with additional costs for on-going fluoride dousing, plus their bottled water, plus their water filtration systems and future maintenance.

“I want a commitment from the Premier that she will honour her promise to “accept full liability and provide financial compensation” to those affected persons.”

Cr Mather said she will ask Ms Bligh to admit fluoridation was an error of judgement and to have the whole program suspended.

“There is an overwhelming resentment in this region, but pleas have so far fallen on deaf ears.

“Fluoride is causing people to suffer and is costing so much money.”

She said state-wide compulsory implementation of the scheme had cost more than $30 million so far…