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Queensland Health Minister: Fluoridated water would improve oral health

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | May 31st, 2007
Location: Australia

Health Minister Stephen Robertson says he would “love” to see fluoride added to south-east Queensland’s drinking supplies when the State Government takes over control of bulk water.

It has previously been up to local councils to add fluoride but under new water ownership arrangements, the State Government could assume responsibility.

The Premier says he has made no decision on whether that will happen.

Mr Robertson says only 5 per cent of Queensland has access to fluoridated drinking water compared with 85 per cent for the rest of Australia.

“It is something that I would love to see because you can’t do anything better than fluoridating water supplies to improve the overall oral health of the community,” he said.

“But it is an issue that we would need to work through in terms of the new water supply arrangements. I’ve made my view known to the Premier.”

Mr Robertson says the cost of the move would have to be considered.

“We do know from previous studies that we were looking at a bill to add fluoridating equipment of at least $60 million capital plus the annual maintenance and running costs,” he said.