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Rajasthan: Excess fluoride adds to water woes in Dausa

Source: India Today | June 12th, 2019 | By Dev Ankur Wadhawan
Location: India

High quantities of fluoride in water lead to fluorosis, kidney stone and constipation among other ailments.


  • High quantities of fluoride in water leads a host of ailments such as fluorosis, stones and constipation
  • Government has installed RO plants where villagers can buy 20 lt of water for Rs 4
  • Villagers have demanded a permanent solution and more RO plants to be set up

As large swathes of North India sizzle in the heat, a village some 100 km away from Jaipur is suffering a double whammy. Not only do villagers of Dabi in Dausa have to bear the brunt of water shortage, they also have to tackle the excessive levels of fluoride in the water.

India Today TV visited Dausa for a ground report on the prevailing situation there.

Villagers in Dabi have to contend with high quantities of fluoride in the water which has led to people being afflicted by a host of diseases. Excess fluoride in water can result in excessive urination, kidney stones, constipation, stomach ache, weakening of the body, impotency, weakening of bones and yellowing of teeth among other ailments.

“Excessive fluoride content is found in the water in various parts of Dausa district. Excessive content of fluoride can lead to weakening of bones and other issues,” Dr OP Bairava, chief medical health officer, Dausa, told India Today TV.

India Today TV visited various parts of Dausa, where several villagers complained that the water they had been receiving had excessive fluoride content, was contaminated and was blue in colour.

Several villagers also claimed that it has led to osteoporosis, weakening of bones, early ageing, difficulty in movement and several other issues amongst the villagers.

“We have been suffering from several diseases due to excessive fluoride content in the water. It leads to weakness of bones and causes various other problems as well,” a villager said.

“Water is hardly available in these parts and whatever is available most of it is also contaminated with excess fluoride, which makes it unfit for drinking,” another villager said.

To tackle the problem of excess fluoride in water in Dausa district, reverse osmosis (RO) plants have been installed, where villagers can buy 20 litres of potable for water for Rs 4.

This has helped in tackling the problem of excessive fluoride content in water to a certain extent. But several villagers India Today TV spoke to claimed a lot more needs to be done so as to find a permanent solution.

Some villagers complained of fewer water sources because of which they had to walk for several kilometres to be able to get water for drinking and other purposes.

“We have to travel far to be able to get water. The government should ensure that more RO water plants are installed, which can help in tackling the issue of excessive fluoride content,” a villager said.

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