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Rally calls on Rous Water to reverse fluoride decision

Source: EchoNetDaily | August 20th, 2015 | By Darren Coyne
Location: Australia

Local musicians joined in yesterday's rally outside Rous Water in Lismore. (Picture Omega Flux)

(Picture Omega Flux)

Anti-fluoride protesters rallied outside Rous Water in Lismore yesterday and are planning a blockage of the Corndale dosing plant on Monday.

About 60 people took part in yesterday’s rally, calling on Rous Water to dump its controversial plan to fluoridate the region’s water supply.

Fluoride Free Northern Rivers spokesperson Kate Marson described yesterday’s rally as a success despite short notice to residents.

Ms Marson said further rallies would be held on the third Wednesday of each month, which is when Rous Water delegates gather for their meeting.

She said she was unaware when the actual dosing of the water supplies would begin.

‘I asked Rous Water that last week and they said they had to wait for a certificate from the NSW Government but couldn’t say when that would happen,’ she said.

Ms Marson has also asked that Rous water notify customers, and also issue warnings that fluoridated water was not suitable for bottle-fed babies.

‘A lot of people don’t want to drink it because it’s got heavy metals … it’s toxic waste,’ she said.

Ms Marson admitted that the anti-fluoride movement had failed to garner the same support as the anti-coal seam gas blockade at Bentley which attracted thousands.

‘I don’t think as many people are as educated about the dangers of fluoride,’ she said.

“With CSG we had the National Toxic Network educating people but fluoride, while we’ve held forums, not as many people have been educated.’

Meanwhile, anti-fluoride activist Al Oshlack, who unsuccessfully challenged the decision to fluoridate, said the blockade would be an opportunity for people to hone their skills in the event of a return of CSG exploration,

Mr Oshlack has threatened to mount another legal challenge in the High Court of Australia, and has told the Echonetdaily that senior counsel was being sought for such a challenge.

NSW Health has directed Rous Water to fluoridate the water it supplies to Richmond Valley, Ballina shire and Lismore city councils.

As a result, all town water customers of those councils will receive fluoride in their water except water customers in Nimbin.

In addition, most Rous Water town water customers in these three council areas will also receive fluoridated water.

NSW Health has also directed Ballina shire council to fluoridate the water supplied from the Marom Creek Water Treatment Plant to town water customers in the Wardell area.

Byron Shire’s town water customers will not receive fluoridated water.  Town water customers in the Richmond Valley township of Casino already receive fluoridated water.