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Reading Environmental Advisory Council has questions about fluoride risks

Source: Reading Eagle | September 26th, 2012 | By Carole Duran

Reading Environmental Advisory Council is talking about an alternative-energy ordinance, adding commercial curbside recycling and the fluoride in the city’s water supply.

The committee has formed a subcommittee to study the health aspects of the Reading Area Water Authority adding fluoride to water.

Member Andrew Molteni said Tuesday that some studies have shown that fluoride lowers IQ and can promote certain types of cancer.

He would like the authority to stop fluoridating water as other cities have done.

Molteni said people are entitled to pure water and can choose if they want to add anything to it.

A resident has approached the committee with a plan to tap geothermal energy, but currently all the city ordinances are showing restrictions on all well-drilling.

Chairman David Beane said the property owners could submit a plan for review. It might turn out to be a high-profile project, he said.

The city has curbside residential recycling, but does not offer the same curbside services to commercial establishments. The committee wants to start by identifying corner groceries and restaurants that could benefit from commercial curbside recycling.