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Reading: Health Board, Environmental Advisory Council support fluoride in water

Source: WFMZ-TV 69News | December 8th, 2014 | By Ali Bechtel, WFMZ.com Reporter

READING, Pa. – Concerned citizen Andrew Molteni attended the Reading City Council meeting on Monday night to voice his concerns over the inclusion of fluoride in the city’s water supply…

Dr. John Dethoff, a member of the City of Reading Board of Health and a local orthopedic surgeon, disagreed with the research Molteni cited. He explained that the Board of Health recently conducted a study of the fluoride levels in the city’s water and concluded, “Reading water levels are right where they should be.”

He further explained that there is an ideal level at which fluoride strengthens children’s teeth and will only begin to cause issues, such as stains, when it is found at levels higher than 4 parts per million in the water supply. The level in the city’s water .7 parts per million, which is the recommended level by the CDC…

City Council would have to petition the DEP to have the current levels changed, and they have no intention of doing so at this time.

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