An interest in politics only developed in the last year for Noreen Lynch and now the sixty one year old has decided to dive head first into local politics by placing her name on the ballot paper for Friday’s election in the Kilrush electoral area.

Issues that she is passionate about have failed to garner sufficient air-time and it is mainly for this reason that Noreen has decided to fight the cause herself. “The fluoridation of the water supply there is no need for it, it is really bad for you, it does all kinds of things to your body, it causes dental fluorosis it’s terrible. On the back of toothpaste there is a little skull and crossbones because of the fluoride, that should tell you everything you need to know. Most of Europe has banned fluoride in the water, only Ireland and Britain still fluoridates the water I think, we should get rid of it, get it out of there it is no good for anybody.

She added, “The geoengineering that we see when we look up, so called chem trails what’s in them. Our politicians pour scorn on people who ask questions like ‘what’s in the chem trails’, they say ‘what chem-trails’ and I hate to say it but the broadcast and print media are all the same they don’t take it seriously, we don’t know what it is doing to us. Nobody was talking about it and then a few months ago I said nobody is going to do anything about it so I said I’m going to put myself forward and see what happens”.

Self-declared as “totally Independent” with no previous affiliation to any political party, Noreen decided at the end of February to contest the local election but admitted she did not know she could canvass until the nomination papers were submitted. “I didn’t keep it quiet, I just didn’t think you were supposed to do anything until you got on the ballot. I have no experience of any of this, I didn’t know what you were supposed to do, I wasn’t keeping quiet I just thought to myself are you supposed to do anything before you’re actually on the ballot”.

Born in England, Lynch moved with her family of two sisters (twins), her younger brother and her twin Anthony to Ballymun in 1972. Following the death of her mother in 2009, Noreen made the decision to leave the capital and relocated to Kilmurry McMahon. She works as a volunteer shop assistant with the Second Chance Animal Centre in Kilrush.

Although environmental issues are to the core of her campaign, Noreen was never drawn to The Green Party and instead feels politicians the “superficial” media “are not explaining the issues, at least I don’t think so. I’d like the media to speak up about some of these issues and not treat it with a nod and a wink”.

Her frustration with the media arose “because I don’t think they look deep enough into things, they’re too superficial”. However, the West Clare resident confirmed she does not watch the news on television or pick up a newspaper every week.

With just herself on the campaign team plus the time advantage other candidates have, Noreen has a lot of ground to make up. In her two weeks of canvassing, she has “met quite a few people who are very enthusiastic, I’ve met some people who have absolutely no intention of even voting, they don’t want to know, it runs the gamut from one to the other”.

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