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Rennou™ toothpaste: Theobromine for dental & bone strength, not fluoride

Source: PRNewswire - Press Release | January 9th, 2015
Industry type: Toothpaste

NEW ORLEANS — Theocorp Holding Company announced the appointment of Kenneth R. Sadowsky to the company’s board of advisors.  Theocorp’s advisory board also includes Dr. John Elstrott, current Chairman of the board of Whole Foods Market, and Mr. Peter Kellogg – VP/CFO of CELEGENE, and former 7-year EVP/CFO of MERCK pharmaceuticals.  Mr. Sadowsky is a Senior Beverage Advisor for Verlinvest, a Brussels-based investment holding company and is Executive Director of NIDA, a group of independent beverage distributors in the Northeast United States. He has a track record of working with great teams that have built success stories in the beverage category.  He served as a director of Energy Brands, Inc. makers of Glaceau vitaminwater, smartwater, and fruitwater for six years before Glaceau eventually was sold to Coca Cola for $4.1 billion.  Mr. Sadowsky received a BA from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1984 and serves on the Tulane University’s School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Advisory Council. Additionally, Mr. Sadowsky sits on the board of directors of All Market Inc., a private company who are the makers ofVita Coco coconut water, and Hint Inc., a private company who are the makers of Hint Water based in San Francisco.  He also serves in Advisory Board capacities with Sambazon, makers of acai products and beverages (San Clemente, CA), Bai Brands (Princeton, NJ), Essentia Water (Bothell, WA), Inergetics (Newark, NJ), and BevNET (Watertown, MA).

“The consumer is getting more and more savvy,” said Theocorp President & CEO, Dr. Arman Sadeghpour. “The days of selling sugary carbonated sodas are numbered – the customer demands a healthy alternative and Ken’s expertise in this area will be invaluable to us.”

Theocorp Holding Company Files International Patents on the Use Theobromine for Bone Strength

Rennou™ is Theocorp’s patented, and safe-to-swallow theobromine-rich active ingredient that has both dental and bone strengthening implications.  In fact, Theocorp’s subsidiary company, Theodent™, has launched Rennou™ in its revolutionary line of fluoride-free toothpastes.

“Since teeth and bones are made up of the same mineral, we decided to study the effect of Rennou™ on bone density as well,” said Theocorp’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto.  “The results have been astounding.  Rennou™ has been found to enhance bone formation and strength, increase bone density and mass, and enhance bone interconnections.”

Theocorp first looked at the inclusion of Rennou™ in bottled waters due to its dental benefits. The company considered this a healthy alternative to fluoridated tap water, as fluoride’s addition is highly controversial. The US government even federally mandated a 30% decrease of fluoride in the drinking water in 2011.  “The addition of Rennou™ to a beverage would be a tremendous value-add in functionalizing innovative and new healthy beverage categories,” said Dr. Sadeghpour, “especially when sodas and other acidic beverages have been shown to increase the prevalence of cavities and are correlated with early onset osteopenia / osteoporosis.”