Request A Test, a leading national provider of direct to consumer lab testing, has expanded their test offerings to include blood and urine fluoride testing. Fluoride is a mineral which can be beneficial in healthy amounts but can cause serious health complications if a person is over exposed. Testing a person’s fluoride levels can make them aware of unhealthy levels of exposure so they can work with their doctor to address the problem. In addition to the new fluoride tests, Request A Test offers hundreds of lab tests which can be ordered by anyone without having to first schedule a doctor’s appointment or get approval from an insurance provider. With affordable pricing and 1000’s of convenient lab locations across the United States, Request A Test makes it easy to get the testing you need whenever you need it.

A number of industries such as aluminum, steel, glass, and fertilizer use fluoride in their production methods. While most companies in the United States observe standards designed to reduce exposure, there are still cases of fluoride toxicity which result from workplace exposure. There is also a possibility of environmental exposure from industrial emissions or higher than normal levels of fluoride in drinking water. The symptoms of fluoride exposure will vary depending on the time period over which the exposure took place and also how severe the level of exposure was. Inhaling gases which contain fluoride compounds will often result in irritation to the throat, lungs, eyes and nose. Some people will experience sore throat, wheezing or tightness in the chest. Chronic fluoride exposure can impair the function of the thyroid gland or cause damage to the liver, kidneys and lungs. Long term fluoride exposure may result in a condition known as Skeletal Fluorosis which causes a person’s bones to become more dense leading to joint pain and increased likelihood of broken bones. Because the initial symptoms of fluoride exposure can be common to other conditions, it can be difficult to diagnose without testing to check a person’s fluoride level. Fluoride levels can be checked in the blood or urine. Anyone who works in an industry which utilizes fluoride or fluoride compounds or suspects they may be at risk for exposure should consider periodic testing, especially if they are experiencing symptoms which are associated with fluoride toxicity. A urine test may be more accurate than a blood test at detecting elevated fluoride levels due to chronic exposure. If a person’s test results come back showing higher than normal fluoride levels they should talk to their doctor about the appropriate course of action.

Fluoride is typically found in a number of household products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, some supplements and vitamins, and chemicals used to kill rats and insects. When used correctly, dental products containing fluoride can be beneficial in preventing tooth decay and helping rebuild enamel. However, ingestion of fluoride products can be dangerous and should be immediately reported to a hospital or poison control center.

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