A recent study led by #ISCHE [International Society for Children’s Health and the Environment] researchers found that #prenatal exposure to #fluoride was associated with lower IQ in Canadian children. Researchers cautioned women to reduce fluoride intake during #pregnancy. How? https://osf.io/yjrgm/ to learn more.

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Ways for Pregnant Women to Reduce Fluoride Exposure

Drink Non-Fluoridated Water:

Tap water is the major source of fluoride for people who live in communities with fluoridated water1. Some private wells may also contain fluoride. A pregnant women may reduce her consumption of fluoridated water and beverage made with fluoridated water by:

A. Use a specialized water filter that removes fluoride, including those that use reverse osmosis or a deionizer. Activated carbon filters, like Brita, do not remove fluoride. Install a water filtration system on your tap.

B. Drink bottled waster low in fluoride,. Most bottled water contains lower amountsa of fluoride. You can make sure by reading labels on bottled water or choosing deionized water or spring water.

Avoids Rinses and Gels:

That contain high levels of fluoride as they have been known to increase levels of fluoride in the body2,3. You can continue to use fluoridated toothpaste, but avoid swallowing the toothpaste, and rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing.

Avoid black and green teas:

Tea leaves accumulate high levels of fluoride from the soil4. To reduce fluoride exposure from tea you can:

A. Reduce tea consumption.

B. Drink tea made with younger tea leaves (e.g., white tea) or herbal teas.

C. Brew tea made with non-fluoridated water.

Avoid Grape juice, Grapes, Raisins and Wine:

that have high levels of fluoride from a pesticide called cryolite5. To reduce exposure, you can:

A. Buy organic grape juice and organic grapes.

B. Reduce consumption of grape juice and, of course, wine.

C. Choose red grape juice instead of white grape juice.

D. Choose organic fruits and vegetables to avoid fluoridated pesticides.

Avoid Mechanically deboned chicken:

(i.e., chicken nuggets, canned chicken) because fluoride may remain from the deboning process. Instead:

A. Purchase whole chickens.

B. Choose fresh meat products as opposed to procerssed meats or fast food

Avoid Processed foods:

which may contain more fluoride6,7.

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