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Residents back Logan City Council’s decision to continue supplying fluoridated water

Source: The Courier-Mail | June 21st, 2013 | By Heidi Braithwaite
Location: Australia

RESIDENTS have largely supported a decision by Logan City Council to continue supplying fluoridated water.

Roads and Water Infrastructure Committee Chairman Councillor Don Petersen (Division 4) said a report revealing it would cost up to $100 million to remove fluoride had led to the decision to recommend existing supply arrangements remain in place.

He said while he understood some in the community had reservations about fluoridated water, council could not justify the cost to all water users.

“Council has received advice from SEQWater indicating the cost to ratepayers and water users to remove fluoride would be in the order of a hundred million dollars,” he said.

“Logan City and the other Council areas in South East Queensland are supplied water from the SEQ Water Grid.

“Brisbane and Ipswich councils have decided to retain fluoridation, which is the default position under the Water Fluoridation Act 2008,’’ Cr Petersen said.

He said council was required under the Act to consider the impact of any decision to change fluoridation on the water supply and security of its adjoining council and not alter the water supply without agreement from impacted councils.

Shane Drew said there was nothing wrong with fluoride in the water.

“I’ve been living in other states that have had fluoride for years.

I’m 53 and not had poisoning yet. It’s a beat up,’’ he said.

Nicole Ganley said there was nothing wrong with small doses of fluoride.

“It keeps our teeth healthy. Not worth getting rid of,’’ she said.

Helen Long said spending $100 million to remove it was a waste of money.

“Spend $100 million on local security measures instead.’’

Greg Turnbull said he was sure it wasn’t the worst thing Logan people drank.

“Spend $100 million and clean up Logan streets. The water is fine.”

Susi Jaques said fluoride was poison and a mandatory while Ross Bradley described fluoridisation as unethical.