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Resolution of the Santa Rosa-Sonoma County NAACP opposing fluoridation

Source: Santa Rosa-Sonoma County NAACP | November 11th, 2014

Resolution of the Santa Rosa-Sonoma County NAACP Opposing Fluoridation of Our Public Water Supply

WHEREAS:  Studies have found that in fluoridated communities, African-American and Latino children are at greater risk for dental fluorosis (discolored teeth from damaged tooth enamel caused by fluoride exposure) and,

WHEREAS:  A blue-ribbon panel of scientists has identified kidney patients and diabetics as being especially susceptible to harm from ingested fluorides, and African-Americans suffer disproportionate amounts of kidney disease and diabetes in America, and

WHEREAS:  The Centers for Disease Control says that babies under 6 months should get NO fluoride and if the public water supply is fluoridated powdered formula would have to be mixed with bottled water, and

WHEREAS:  Harvard University researchers concluded in July 2012, that results “support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment and concluded that children in high fluoride areas “had significantly lower IQ’s than those who live in low fluoride areas” and,

WHEREAS:  Commonly used fluoridation chemicals cause increased absorption of lead, and this lead-absorbing effect is more pronounced in black & Latino populations (which are already over-exposed to lead) and,

WHEREAS:  It is estimated more than 24 tons of fluoride per year would pass into the environment through irrigation of home yards and parks and whereas fluoride has a variety of adverse environmental impacts on aquatic organisms, and

WHEREAS:  New state data shows unfluoridated Portland, Oregon kids actually have lower cavity rates than kids in Oregon’s fluoridated cities, and

WHEREAS:  Former Ambassador Andrew Young, one of many civil rights leaders opposed to fluoride, has pointed out that: “we…have a cavity epidemic today in our inner cities that have been fluoridated for decades”

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sonoma-Santa Rosa NAACP opposes the addition of fluoride to our public drinking water as citizens have no choice in the matter and research indicates that people of color are disproportionately negatively affected by fluoride, and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, the Sonoma-Santa Rosa NAACP calls attention to the fact that this is a Civil Rights Issue that damages people of color disproportionately to whites, and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that we call for adequate dental care for all children but oppose the addition of toxic fluoride to our drinking water because of known hazards, and lack of adequate research into the unknowns, particularly regarding the impact on children, and

FINALLY BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County-Santa Rosa NAACP will forward this Resolution to our Board of Supervisors in hopes they will further study the issue of fluoridation and the negative impact upon special populations.

– END –

Notes from Fluoride Action Network:

• See original resolution  – while it was passed on November 11, 2014, it is not yet on the group’s website, http://www.santarosanaacp.org/

• The Portland, Oregon, chapter of the NAACP voted to oppose fluoridation in April 2013

• In April 2011, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) passed this resolution, Civil Rights Violation Regarding Forced Medication, in opposition to fluoridation of the public drinking water.

• See Racial Disparities in Dental Fluorosis