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Resurgence of fipronil in China

Source: Agropages.com | March 11th, 2011
Location: China
Industry type: Pesticides

 Note from Fluoride Action Network. Fipronil is a highly toxic pesticide. This is it’s molecular formula:

The restriction of insecticide fipronil issued by the MOA, which banned its registrations, sales and usage on most crops in China since 2009, only exemptions have been granted for residential use, corn and exports. Yet the execution for fipronil has led lot of curiosities as more approvals been granted by the MOA recently. Small wonder the industry’s speculation of its comeback.

According to the survey from ICAMA, Agropages found that 9 applicants have gained its approvals since the end of 2010, including Anhui Huaxing, Shenyang Kechuang, Ningbo Zhonghua, Jiansu Zhongqi, Zhejiang Yifan, Zhejiang Yongnong, Fosan Yinghui, Nantong Gongcheng and Jiangsu Yangnong. It is notable that 3 of them have gained the approvals for residential products, and the rest have been approved manufacturing only for export.

Though consistent with previous restriction, insider suspected that consumers might use the residential products on their crops as years of popularity in southern China, and they are few good solutions for controlling Chilo suPPressalis Walker since fipronil has been banned. In the absence of effective supervision, fipronil is more likely applied on field crops.

Liu Shaoren, a director from ICAMA, said in an interview with Agropages that “above registrations approved recently didn’t violate rule of fipronil’s restriction, and ICAMA is to strengthen supervision on the insecticide by periodically investigations”. Bayer, patent holder of its manufacturing in China, expressed no concerns about this matter.