Fluoride Action Network

Rethink fluoride plan, Minister told

Source: Daily Express | September 6th, 2011
Location: Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu: The Young Malaysians Movement (YMM) Sabah urged the Health Ministry to reconsider its plan to add fluoride to the water supply to address dental health problems in Sabah in view of the chemical’s negative effect on health in the long-run.

Its Chairman, Deric Chiew, said the move does not resolve the problem and that the Ministry should consider tackling the issue through education and creating awareness among parents and children.

The YMM was not against the government’s move to find a solution to the dental health problem among the children in Sabah, which had been listed top in the country.

“However, the suitability and also the effectiveness should be considered,” he said, adding that according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) it was never agreed for fluoride to be mixed in the water supply, as it contained poison substance and used over a long term, will ruin health.

According to the America Disease Control Centre review, fluoride contained a huge substance of poison and an overdose or misuse will put human health in a high risk situation such as bone cancer, bone fracture, arthritis, skeletal flourosis, impaired thyroid hormone and also child mental development.

Chiew who is also the a YMM vice president said reliable sources stated that the Ministry of Health had obtained funds amounting to RM25 million for the use of fluoride in water supply for the next two years to improve the dental health of people.

With the RM25 million, the government should implement activities in the interior to create awareness among the children and parents about dental health such as distributing toothbrush and toothpaste.

Beside that, officers can be dispatched to the kindergartens and also school for talks or speeches about dental health, he said.

The implementation of fluoride usage in the water supply was supposed to be executed under the Tenth Malaysia Plan by next year.

According to Chiew, other organisations such as the Penang Consumer Association had also objected to the use if fluoride in the water supply.