COUNCILLOR Glenda Mather is rallying the community to join together in the fight to stop putting fluoride in Rockhampton’s water supply.

Already the owners of Rockhampton Health Options, Peter and Lyn Lewis, have joined Cr Mather’s campaign by keeping anti-fluoride petitions in their shops for the community to sign.

The petitions were organised by Cr Mather, who staunchly opposed the State Government’s 2008 decision to force councils to put fluoride in drinking water.

“The new legislation is the best news, so many people are excited and trust something will be done to remove (the fluoride),” she said.

“There is clear indication within the community that most people want fluoride out of the town water supply.”

While Cr Mather is adamant fluoride is poisoning people’s health and is determined to convince her fellow councillors of that, she said Queensland Health was trying to do exactly the opposite.

She said Queensland Health had been lobbying all councils to retain the fluoride and “peddling misleading information”.

Cr Mather said she called on all residents who could vote in the region to sign the petition or begin distributing them.

She plans to present the petitions to Rockhampton Regional Council by the end of February.