COUNCILLOR Greg Belz says “science and reason” will one day spark another public debate on fluoride.

But the chairman of Rockhampton Regional Council’s water committee does not expect changes any time soon.

“There’s issues of science versus people’s beliefs and currently there are no plans from the council to add fluoride to the water supply system,” he said yesterday.

“I have a very firm personal opinion but I’m only one of eight councillors.”

The council removed fluoride from Rockhampton and Mt Morgan’s water supply in July last year.

Cr Belz strongly opposed its removal, convinced of the value of fluoride.

“In time, science and reason will bring about another public debate but at this point we’ve got a range of so many other things on our plate.

“At this point, I’m not aware that we’re likely to see any change in the current situation.”

Cr Belz said fluoride was an issue that generated extremes in views.

“There’s a middle ground of people who don’t feel strongly one way or the other and very great extremes at each end, not always based on fact, but where people have a belief they’re satisfied is fact.”