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Rockhampton: Running water rally

Source: Rockhampton Morning Bulletin | December 18th, 2009 | By Adam Wratten
Location: Australia

PROTESTERS will rally against the introduction of fluoride into Rockhampton’s water supply outside City Hall this morning.

From today Fitzroy River Water will add fluoride to the water supply of Rockhampton, The Caves and Gracemere in line with Queensland Government requirements.

Fluoridation of water for the Capricorn Coast and Mount Morgan is required by the end of next year.

Yesterday outspoken councillor and anti-fluoride campaigner Glenda Mather said those concerned that fluoride was detrimental to the health of the region’s residents could take part in the protest from 10am.

“This quiet but solemn protest is to mourn the violation of our human rights and liberties in the state of Queensland, and the death of democracy,” said Cr Mather, who pointed out this was her position and not that of council.

“The failure of the government to consult with the people on this very serious issue, demonstrates contempt for our opinions, our concerns, and our medical conditions.”

She said she’d been inundated by worried people.

“Artificial fluoride has been identified as causing serious changes to our body systems, which were perfected by God, and will affect every living cell in our body,” Cr Mather said.

“The state is up to its ears in debt, and yet it approves the wanton waste of $30 million of our money to force this chemical waste down our throats against our will.”

The Australian Science Media Centre yesterday gathered experts in the fields of chemistry, dental science and environmental engineering to discuss the science of fluoridation and examine the basis of concerns. (see Page 2).

Mackay and Cairns have also had fluoride added to their water.

Fluoride facts

• Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound found in water, plants, rocks, soil, air and most foods;

• The fluoride used for water fluoridation can be extracted at the same time as other minerals, such as phosphates from ground rocks. The co-production of natural fluoride is an efficient use of our natural resources;

• Water fluoridation combats tooth decay in three ways: it helps make teeth more decay resistant, helps get rid of early decay before it becomes permanent and helps stop bacteria in the mouth producing acids.