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Rutland Approves $2.5 Million Pool And Continued Fluoridation

Source: Vermont Public Radio | March 2nd, 2016 | By Nina Keck
Location: United States, Vermont

On Town Meeting Day, Rutland City voters approved a $2.5 million bond for an outdoor swimming pool and sided with dentists when it comes to fluoride; they want Rutland to continue adding it to municipal drinking water.

Voters also made history by electing the youngest person ever to serve on the Board of Aldermen.

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Water fluoridation

Perhaps the most divisive issue for Rutland voters – apart from the presidential primary – had to do with fluoridating the city’s drinking water, something Rutland has done for more than 30 years. While opponents waged a vocal and passionate campaign to end the practice, their efforts were voted down 2,817 to 1,813.

Longtime Rutland resident Tom Cohen said for him it was a no brainer. “I’m totally pro-fluoride,” said Cohen. “I had kids grow up in the city and they had teeth that were very strong. And I always felt that it was important. When dentists like Dr. [Edward] Reiman and Dr. [Thomas] Opsahl came out for it, that just made it almost imperative that I vote for it,” he added.

While voters had their say, the final decision rests with the city’s Public Works Commissioner Jeff Wennberg. He says he bases his decision on federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state health department, both of which strongly endorsed the public health benefits of fluoridation…