Here’s the thing: Fluoridation is not Rutland’s biggest problem, but it is Rutland’s most cheaply and easily solved problem.

Economic development, the tax burden, education, population decline, infrastructure, drugs, rental housing costs, and workforce training, to name a few, are all issues that need our best efforts. Progress on these issues will create the proverbial tide that raises all boats.

By contrast, fluoridation of our public water supply is the undertow that works against many of our efforts to move forward. Though it seems like a single issue, fluoridation can and does influence others.

Specifically, fluoridation:

— May very well be costing our children IQ points and doing other neurological damage. Smarter, healthier kids will make a better Rutland.

— Is almost certainly disrupting the formation of tooth enamel in children, producing structurally weaker teeth and mottling and leading to dental expense later on. Any benefit of fluoride is more safely provided using fluoride toothpaste and then spitting it out. Better dental health is cheaper and improves the quality of life.

— Is almost certainly producing negative health effects, from reduced thyroid function, to gastrointestinal irritation, to hormonal and enzymatic disruption, to brittle bones. Healthier people are happier and more productive and have more disposable income.

— Is a systemic poison, affecting individuals in many ways over varying time frames, often escaping blame for the mischief it creates. Medicating a whole city with the drug fluoride without individuals’ informed consent is its own indictment.

All it takes to end fluoridation is turning off a valve. Let’s do that now and continue the collective effort to produce the tide that raises all boats.


(Candidate for alderman)


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