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Salem maintains water is safe; what about fluoride, one resident asks

Source: Morning Journal News | June 5th, 2014 | By Mary Ann Greier
Location: United States, Ohio

SALEM – The city recently violated the maximum level of disinfectant by-product known as TTHM in the drinking water again, but not enough to pose a health risk, a public notice said.

“The water is safe,” assistant Superintendent Matt Hoopes said.

… The water department and the notice were among the many topics raised by residents during the recent city council meeting. Geoff Johnson spoke out about fluoride in the drinking water and said the city needs to send notices out to warn people about the hazards from fluoride. He said the city needs to take a stand for public safety.

Johnson addressed council in February about fluoride and wanted it taken out of the drinking water, but Utilities Superintendent Don Weingart said the city is required by the state to have certain levels of fluoride in the water…

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