Fluoride Action Network

Salina: Petition to remove fluoride from water supply to be submitted July 21st

Source: Press Release: Salina Cares | July 19th, 2014
Location: United States, Kansas

Salina Cares, a grassroots organization comprised of concerned citizens of Salina KS, started a petition drive in February 2014 to request that the city of Salina remove the chemical “fluoride” from the public water supply due to health risk concerns for those that drink the water. On July 21, 2014, Salina Cares will be turning in the petition to the City Clerk’s office at 10:00 AM, room 206, at the City/County Building, 300 W Ash St, Salina KS.

Salina Cares was tasked with gathering a minimum of 988 signatures to bring this issue to the public vote in the November 2014 election, Salina Cares will be announcing the final signature count at the turn in, but the required number to put the issue on the ballot has been reached and then some.

Salina Cares invites all media to this petition turn in, there will be an opportunity to interview members of the group immediately after the turn in to the City Clerk.

Salina Cares will also be addressing the Salina City Council during the public forum session at the Salina City Council meeting later the same day (July 21st) at 4:00 PM, which is room 107, at the City/County Building, 300 W Ash St, Salina KS.

By getting the issue on the ballot, this will give the citizens of Salina KS the opportunity to vote on what they put into their body, currently they do not get a choice.