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Samsung under pressure amid growing health fears

Source: Financial Times | Asia-Pacific | June 17th, 2013 | By Simon Mundy in Hwaseong
Location: South Korea
Industry type: Electronics Industry

As thousands of workers stream out of Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor plant in the South Korean town of Hwaseong, Mr Lee, a 58-year-old restaurant owner, regards them with mixed emotions. The factory across the road guarantees his livelihood – about two-thirds of his customers work there, he estimates. But his views on the plant have shifted after it suffered two leaks of hydrofluoric acid gas in the past six months, which killed one worker and hospitalised several others.

“Everyone here has the same feeling,” he says. “On the one hand Samsung is great for business, but on the other, perhaps there are health risks. And lots of people are worried about the effect on property prices.” …

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