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Sarnia: Fluoride debate revived

Source: The Sarnia Journal | November 22nd, 2016
Location: Canada, Ontario

City council has asked Lambton’s medical officer of health to review a citizen’s request to remove fluoride from local drinking water.

Rod Gowrie said the fluoride added at the Lambton Area Water Supply System is industrial waste that also contains lead, arsenic, mercury and other harmful substances, leaving the municipality vulnerable to law suits.

Sarnia council voted to remove fluoride from the water in 2013. But the chemical, which is used to reduce tooth decay, still comes out of the tap because a majority of LAWSS member municipalities support its use.

Councillors said the evidence on fluoride is contradictory and directed Gowrie’s report to Dr. Sudit Ranade for review.

Mayor Mike Bradley said it was the public that voted to add fluoride and the public should decide in a plebiscite whether it remains.