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Saskatoon: Petition demands fluoride be removed from Saskatoon drinking water

Source: News Talk 650 CKOM Radio | March 31st, 2011 | By Chris Carr
Location: Canada, Saskatchewan

A fight to remove fluoride from Saskatoon’s drinking water could soon boil over. People against the practice are circulating a petition they hope will convince the city. But it may take a lot of public pressure before they get their wish.

“I go to coffee shops sometimes, and I hear people talking about it,” said Theresa Penner. She calls herself a concerned citizen in her fight against fluoride. She believes there’s a wave of support behind her. “Water is for hydration. We shouldn’t be forced to take medication,” said Penner.

Hundreds of signatures have been gathered from those who agree. But Troy Lafreniere with Saskatoon’s water treatment plant says when it comes to fluoride, the city will continue to operate within Health Canada guidelines.

“We rely on their direction. They do provide a lot of that expert evidence, and we follow their recommendation,” Lafreniere said. But he says public pressure could result in change.

“[That] could be anything from outright removal of it, or to continue it for years to come. They’re both possibilities,” Lafreniere added. The decision, however, will ultimately rest with City Council.