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Saudi Arabia: Say NO to fluoride in drinking water

Source: ArabNews.com | February 7th, 2009 | By Mariam A. Alireza
Location: Saudi Arabia

Several months ago, Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) announced the fluoridation of public water to help reduce tooth decay. Well, at first I thought it was a good preventive measure, but then I discovered that even local bottled water is fluoridated at 0.80 mg per liter. I would not be writing this column if I had not been a big water consumer and aware of its composition. While I am concerned about dental cavities and oral hygiene, I fear more for overall health, lest we ingest excess fluoride through toothpaste, chemicals, and now water.

Developed countries once added fluoride one part per million (ppm) to water to reduce dental cavities. However after years of use, side effects, and experiments, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, and Belgium decided to terminate public water fluoridation. France and Norway were initially not persuaded enough to add it. Let us explore the pros and cons of water fluoridation.

While one ppm produces permanent “very white blotches”, fluorosis, on children’s teeth, two ppm can result in severe fluorosis. I have noticed that in children (maybe due to swallowing toothpaste while brushing). Because Zamzam holy water has high fluoride content, most Makkans have brown-stained teeth. Underground water has elevated fluoride levels due to soil leaching.

Trace element fluorine in food turns into fluoride by binding with minerals like calcium in the body. It fortifies bones and tooth enamel. Fluorine belongs to the halogen group and contains chlorine. In large quantities, it becomes toxic, abrasive, and oxidizing, disrupting body functions. Fluoride’s caustic nature corrodes steel containers in hours. Have you ever seen how tap water perforates copper pipes? I have. What about its damage to health? Fluorides used in water and toothpaste are industrial byproducts (contaminated with lead and arsenic) and NOT found in nature.

Excess fluoride ingestion interferes with thyroid functions and enzymatic system, leading to weight gain, immunity breakdown, lupus, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, kidney stones, skin disorders (ageing), brittle bones, heart-related disorders, and Alzheimer’s. According to Dr. Barry Dyrrant-Peatfield, thyroid specialist, “fluorine molecules” impair enzymes and their activity “at extraordinary low concentration; even lower than the one ppm.”

During 19th century, certain areas in Argentina, India, and Turkey became chronically afflicted with “premature ageing, arthritis, mental retardation, and infertility; and high levels of natural fluorides in the water were responsible.”

As if all the above is not enough, excessive fluoride attacks collagen, the protein that makes skin, muscles, connective tissue, cartilage, and bone. It turns collagen into a Teflon-like substance. High water fluoridation and chlorination increases cancer risk, too.

We live in an area where temperatures reach 50º Celsius during summer. As a result, we consume huge amounts of water. Our intake of fluoride and chlorine exceeds all normal levels, let alone fluoridated toothpaste and perfluorinated chemicals in food packaging, pesticides, clothing, carpet, upholstery, and personal care products. A recent study showed delayed pregnancy in women with high levels of perfluorinated chemicals, resulting in lower fertility. People are unaware of the damaging effects of such high concentrations (I, for one, have switched to foreign bottled water, fluoride-free). If you wish to clear up your tap water from fluoride and chlorine, try reverse osmosis, distillation, or activated alumina filtration system.

To protect yourself against fluoride, you should have dietary supplements high in calcium (dairy products, sardines, salmon, leafy greens, tofu), magnesium (leafy greens, nuts, seeds, seafood, fish, whole grains, legumes), and phosphorous (dairy, beef, fish, chicken). A deficiency in these three minerals allows fluoride to take over as a building block, thus destroying health. For extra protection, boost your antioxidant intake (fresh fruits and veggies).

Naturally occurring fluorine prevents tooth decay and protects against microbes and viruses. Because we need it in tiny amounts, limited foods hold it like goat’s milk, seaweed, rice, rye, parsley, avocados, cabbage, legumes, sesame, tea, and herbs (lemon grass, licorice). Due to its volatile nature, fluorine evaporates by heating.

What is puzzling is that developed nations who initially added fluoride to water are the first to withdraw it to prevent disease. While they had the good judgment to stop it, we start adding it just to prevent dental cavities! What are the benefits of beautiful teeth without health to enjoy them? Thyroid disorders, disease, and cancer are skyrocketing in our society. We are endlessly bombarded by chemicals and toxins. Our hospitals are abounding with the sick and the diseased and we deliberately add calamity to our plight.

It is time, before it becomes TOO late, to say NO to fluoride in water in order to salvage whatever is left of our health.


I suggest that authorities look into Oud perfume shops instead, and check Oud and Mukhalat for heavy metals (lead is toxic), which make duhun turn green and destroy health.


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