SCHUYLKILL HAVEN – The borough council on Wednesday announced that local water is no longer fluoridated and also heard complaints that some residences have become “virtual mini dormitories.”

President Marlin Berger announced that as of this week the fluoride that had been added to the borough’s water supply was removed.

A motion made at the council’s Feb. 3, 2010, meeting to continue adding fluoride to the borough water supply failed to pass in a 3-4 vote. Berger and Councilmen Donald Gerber and Paul Bedway voted in favor while Councilmen Carl Berger, Jerry Bowman, Michael Devlin and Roger Spotts voted against adding fluoride to the water.

Borough Manager Scott Graver said there may be some residual fluoride still in the water for a while, but the borough would no longer be adding the element.

This came after resident Suzanne LaScala asked, as she has done at every meeting since the decision, for the council to reconsider their move to eliminate adding fluoride.

“It is good for the children, all the way up to me. I don’t have to get fluoride treatments because my town has provided it to me in the water,” Lascala said…