Children in Scotland today have the best dental health since records began, the Scottish government has said.

Almost 70% of P7 pupils have no obvious sign of tooth decay, beating a 60% target previously set by ministers.

The figures were released as part of a report by the National Dental Inspection Programme.

At the same time, Scotland’s chief dentist urged parents to ensure their children stuck to a good tooth-brushing routine.

The Scottish government also said dental registration figures were at a record high, with an extra 1.36 million people registering with an NHS dentist since March 2007, bringing the total to almost four million as of September 30.

Public Health Minister Michael Matheson, said: “It is important to make sure that we maintain this good oral health record over Christmas and New Year, and as we move into 2012.”

With children tucking into Christmas selection boxes across Scotland, chief dental officer Margie Taylor, said: “We know that over the festive period we can sometimes overindulge in chocolates and sugary treats.

“Not eating sugary snacks between meals can help to protect your children’s teeth from decay.

“And make sure you keep to your regular routine of brushing your teeth morning and night over the festive period.

“This can play an important role in helping to keep you and your children’s teeth healthy.”

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