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Scottish MP Predicts Backlash

Source: The Evening Times | September 8th, 2003

THE Scots MP at the forefront of the campaign to stop the fluoridation of water predicts the Government will be given the all-clear today.

Cunninghame South MP Brian Donohoe believes plans to fluoridate water supplies throughout the UK to fight child tooth decay will be carried at today’s second reading in the Commons – but at the cost of a backlash against Labour.

Mr Donohoe, who is vice chairman of the Commons anti-fluoridation group, said the Government would manoeuvre the Bill through Parliament today – the first day after the holiday, but would pay the price.

He believes the overwhelming number of voters are strongly opposed to fluoride being added to water supplies without having a chance of local referendums to test opinion.

“The Government will win the day today,” he said. “But when the public realise what has happened and they are to have little or no say, it will rebound on Labour.

“People will say this is just more evidence of the Government not listening and again it will raise the issue of trust.”

Mr Donohoe’s stance on fluoride in water was backed last night by Liberal Democrats, Muslims and the Greens who are heading a protest rally at Parliament today.

They claim the Government have had to offer water companies indemnity, so that taxpayers will foot the bill if anything goes wrong.

Jane Jones, campaign director for the National Pure Water Association, said: “Water fluoridation is the deliberate pollution of our drinking water.”

LibDem environment spokesman Norman Baker said: “The case for what is effectively compulsory medication has not yet been made. But it is the right of local communities to decide.

“The decision must be given to locally elected bodies.”

The Scottish Parliament has the final say on whether water supplies are fluoridated north of the border.