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Scottish MP slams fluoride plans

Source: Ayrshire Post | October 10th, 2002

AYR-based SNP MSP Adam Ingram has called on the Scottish Executive to rethink its proposal to introduce fluoride to the largest public water supplies in Scotland.

The proposal was launched last week in the Executive’s Consultation Document on Children’s Oral Health in Scotland.

Mr Ingram said: “This proposal will cost £30 million in installation costs, and £4.4 million a year in running costs.

“If the idea is to help improve children’s dental health, then this money can surely be better spent.

“Adding man-made fluoride to the water would be an expensive waste. Money would be literally poured down the drain, as only 4% of the public water supply is used for cooking and drinking.

“There is no proof that adding man-made fluoride to the water would improve children’s dental health, while the side effects to could be detrimental to everyone.

“Fluoride is naturally present in many everyday products such as fish and toothpaste, and adding artificial fluoride to water presents the risk that some people may end up ingesting too much fluoride.

“The side-effects of artificial fluoride outweigh any benefits there may be. Artificial fluoride is officially classified as a dangerous toxic waste product which can have detrimental effects on the thyroid gland, can cause osteoporosis, and has links to cancer and allergies.

“The Executive’s plan to mass medicate everyone who drinks tap water in order to improve children’s dental health is a breach of civil liberties. People have the right to refuse medication.

“If the Executive really wants to improve children’s dental health, investing the money that would be used to add fluoride to water into more dental health education and care is a much more appropriate course of action.”