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Second Reading of Mandatory Fluoridation Bill Delayed

Source: Fluoride Free New Zealand Newsletter | August 22nd, 2017
Location: New Zealand

Well done everyone! We have succeeded in pushing out the Second Reading of the Mandatory Fluoridation Bill to some time in the future, or maybe even never.

Even more good news today, Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, who introduced this Bill into Parliament last year, has resigned. That means the that Bill dies, unless another MP picks it up in the next Parliamentary term.

When this Bill was introduced, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said the Second Reading would likely be June or July 2017. The third and final Reading would be early 2018 and then the Bill would become law.

However, because of the efforts you all have made in opposing this Bill, the Second Reading never happened. We don’t know exactly why this is, but guess it was because the Select Committee members could not agree, and the MPs saw it as an increasingly unpopular stance – which they weren’t prepared to take in an election year.

This shows that we can make a difference! But please don’t give up yet. After the election, the people who pressured the National Government to take on this Bill, will be at it again. We need to make sure all of the elected MPs know that there are smart ways to deal with public dental health (e.g. Childsmile), and that fluoridation is not one of them!

Now would be a really good time to write to the political parties and tell them you do not want fluoridation.

*Original online at http://mailchi.mp/fluoridefree/good-news-second-reading-of-mandatory-fluoridation-bill-delayed?e=83d73fdc34