DESPITE Government concessions to opponents of water fluoridation, Leominster MP Bill Wiggin has expressed concern that measures do not go far enough to prevent “forced medication” of the public.

Mr Wiggin, Shadow Minister for the Environment, won a victory over the details of water fluoridation in Clause 61 of the Water Bill, as the Government conceded to amendments he tabled.

The MP said: “I am grateful to Water Voice for the hard work they put in which helped the Government to concede to our amendments. The number of amendments recently tabled by the Government highlights the fact that they were wrong in the first place. These concessions do not go far enough.”

He claimed there was still “strong doubt” over the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation. Fifteen countries in Europe had abandoned the idea.

“We should listen to their reasoning,” said Mr Wiggin. “Much more long-term research needs to be completed before fluoridation of the water supplies should occur.”