The next city council could be asked to return fluoride to the city’s water supply. What is your position on this?

No, it’s not only harmful to some people, but is also against some people’s value and belief, such that it is in violation of Charter Section 15.

Occupation: Geologist

Political/volunteer experience: 2019 Calgary Rocky Ridge Federal Candidates – Independent

What is your motivation for seeking a seat on city council? 

The sitting mayor alleged there was no concern about 11% of residents being unable to pay 2020 property tax.

Describe your leadership style:

Taking a position is easy, being persuasive is not. Should you not be convinced, that is my problem.

What do you consider the single most important issue facing Calgarians, and what should be done about it?

Zero accountability of our elected officials. I will cut my pay by 20% for the entire term, and take a 10% annual salary penalty upon each position defeated by a plebiscite.

What are the three most important issues in your ward, and how would you address them?

Property tax hike, essential service cut, uncontrolled overspending. I will cut bureaucracy & spending, drop property tax, secure essential service and lower crime rate.

Do you support the city’s downtown revitalization strategy? Where should funding and programs be focused?

No. The city’s downtown revitalization strategy is against downtown revitalization and its funding is robbery in nature. The city’s focus must be on essential services like public transit bus services, lower the crime rate, weekly garbage collecting other than biweekly, and timely snow shovelling.

What innovative project or job creation measure can you propose to aid Calgary’s post-COVID economic recovery?

Cut both residential and business property tax, fully unload tax burden from the downtown core, bring 6,000 lost local small businesses back, along with 60,000 jobs. Push the CPS to work with the city toward community policing, lower crime rate. Secure essential service that include bus service, snow shoveling, garbage collecting, public washrooms.

What should city council do to keep young adults from leaving Calgary?

Be honest, no political affiliation, keep promise, take responsibility for action, be tolerant of difference, stay humble, no ego. Cut property tax, secure essential service, lower crime rate, let businesses thrive.

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