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Sheridan: City Votes to End Fluoridation

Source: Outliers News | May 7th, 2019 | By Kevin Knapp
Location: United States, Wyoming

At their meeting Monday night, the Sheridan City Council voted unanimously to cease fluoridation of city water and the Sheridan Area Water Supply (SAWS).

Councilor Aaron Linden’s motion to cease fluoridation was greeted with applause from the room. The council also voted to amend the resolution to include the survey results.

Jim Schellenberger, manager of Frontier Assets, presented the final results from the recent fluoride survey to the council. According to Schellenberger, of the 12,363 surveys sent out, 4,203 were returned, a rate of 34 percent. Of those returned survey’s, 1,900, or 45 percent, voted to continue fluoridation, and 2,323, or 55 percent, voted to cease fluoridation.

Councilor Clint Beaver said while some have criticized the survey approach, he checked with county elections office and the response rate of 34 percent was within the range of typical turnout for a special election.

“I think that helps, just, put in perspective that this methodology was a reasonable one for council to approach,” Beaver said.

“I want everybody to know that I came prepared to prove to any dentist or hygienist that, in point of fact, fluoride does not do anything as far as preventing dentalcaries and so forth,” Councilor Thayer Shafer said. “But since we voted in this direction, I won’t take up more time to go ahead with that proof. If anybody wants to see the proof, I have it with me.”

Councilor Thayer Shafer said the utilities department had concerns about disposing of the fluoride currently on hand, as it can be expensive. Public Works Director Lane Thompson relayed that the city currently has a four to six week supply of fluoride on hand, depending on spring runoff. Thompson estimated it would cost $1,700 to dispose of now, rather than continuing to add it into the water until it is gone.

Councilor Linden said it was well worth the money to end fluoridation immediately.

The city has until 7:52 p.m. this evening to cease adding fluoride to the water supply.

*Original article online at https://county3.news/2019/05/07/city-votes-to-end-fluoridation/