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Sheridan: Council work session focuses on fluoridation of public water

Source: SheridanMedia.com | November 8th, 2010 | By Ron Richter
Location: United States, Wyoming

The Sheridan City Council held a work session Monday where they heard a presentation from Kip Duchon with the CDC on the benefits of fluoridation of public water systems. Duchon’s presentation was done via video conference and one of the many concerns that he addressed was fluorosis, which is a condition caused by children receiving too much fluoride during early tooth development.

[ Audio of Duchon: The United States Environmental Protection Agency has determined that if you consume water with no more than 4 mg per liter of fluoride in the water then you will never get skeletal fluorosis. ]

The critical period of exposure is between 1 and 4 years old; children over age 8 are not at risk. In its mild form, which is the most common, fluorosis appears as tiny white streaks or specks that are often unnoticeable. In its severest form, which is also called mottling of dental enamel, it is characterized by black and brown stains, as well as cracking and pitting of the teeth.

Councilman John Bigelow says that he learned a lot of interesting things during the work session.

Duchon also said during his presentation, that there are a lot of myths about fluoridation of public water systems, and that people need to look at the scientific data, instead getting their information from a random blog or post on the Internet. More information on fluoridation of public water systems can be found here.