DO the people of Biloela and Moura want fluoride added to their drinking water?

That is the question Banana Shire councillors want to know before they give the project the final tick of approval.

Council has appointed a contractor to install the equipment needed to dose the drinking water with fluoride. It was expected the water treatment plants would be ready by April 2014 and staff trained by an accredited trainer ready for fluoridation to commence in December.

However, several councillors are concerned about fluoridating the water in Biloela and Moura before consulting with the community.

Banana Shire Mayor Ron Carige said there was a belief amongst councillors that just because the equipment was installed it didn’t mean council had to switch it on.

Cr Brennan said he couldn’t understand why council would spend all the money and then not use the equipment.

“That’s ridiculous.”

CEO Ray Geraghty said the program was originally forced on council and now council had the ability to opt out of the program.

Cr Carige said before the equipment was installed, council should consult with the public to ascertain if water fluoridation was wanted.

“We are not scientists and we have to listen to their (ratepayers) concerns and take them on board.”

“We owe it to the public to let them have a say on this.”

Cr Brennan agreed, but stated it was important that residents received balanced facts about the benefits and negatives of water fluoridation.

“We don’t want just one side of the argument pushing their case.”

Council will discuss, how best to consult with the community.