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Should Rocky, Livingstone put fluoride in water?

Source: The Morning Bulletin | September 20th, 2018
Location: Australia

A POWERFUL lobby group is putting pressure on Rockhampton Regional Council to reverse a 2012 decision and immediately re-commence fluoridating the water supply.

The Australian Medical Association Queensland and the Australian Dental Association Queensland (ADAQ) have united to call on the council to reconsider its stance, citing health reasons.

Rockhampton Regional Council was among the first to opt out of fluoridation after the 2012 legislative amendment repealing the mandatory obligation to fluoridate public, potable water supplies that serviced at least 1000 people.

Rockhampton Region in 2012 included the current Livingstone Shire.

“It is a travesty the Rockhampton council abandoned fluoridation before the long-term benefits for the community became apparent,” AMAQ president Dr Dilip Dhupelia said.

“It remains a safe and very cost-effective way of preventing tooth decay in both children and adults.

“If Rockhampton Regional Council recommences fluoridation, it would pave the way for Livingstone Shire Council to access fluoridated water.”

Should Rockhampton and Livingstone councils fluoridate their public water supplies?

Current Results

Yes 69%
No 29%
Just Rockhampton 0%
Just Livingstone 0%

This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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