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Sierra Club Position on Mandatory Drinking Water Fluoridation

Source: Sierra Club | September 25th, 2001

Note from Doris Cellarius, Co-Chair, Environmental Quality Strategy Team, Sierra Club:

On Sept. 25, 2001 the Sierra Club Conservation Governance Committee adopted the following “position” on drinking water fluoridation. It was drafted and approved by the Environmental Quality Strategy Team (EQST) in response to many requests from Chapters and activists. The issue is of particular concern because bills mandating fluoridation of all community water supplies have been introduced in some states. References to additional information follow the position statement. For more information, contact Doris Cellarius, Co-Chair, EQST.


Adopted September 25, 2001

The Sierra Club understands the historic reason that fluoridation of public water supplies has been promoted and that it may have been historically justifiable. There are now, however, valid concerns regarding the potential adverse impact of fluoridation on the environment, wildlife, and human health.

The Sierra Club therefore supports giving communities the option of rejecting mandatory fluoridation of their water supplies.

To protect sensitive populations, and because safer strategies and methods for preventing tooth decay are now available, we recommend that these safer alternatives be made available and promoted.

The Sierra Club recommends that a national review of the effects of fluoridation on the environment and on public health be undertaken by the National Academy of Sciences and by the US Geological Survey, the federal agency responsible for developing water quality data and communicating it to the public. This would provide the American public and public officials with reliable information for forming future public policy.