Fluoride Action Network

Six health professionals call for the fluoridation of Warrnambool’s water supply.

Source: The Standard | July 10th, 2007 | By MONIQUE CRAPPER
Location: Australia

SIX leading south-west health professionals have united to call for the fluoridation of Warrnambool’s water supply.

It is the first time in the heated fluoride debate that a broad group of health professionals has banded together in support of fluoridation.

The move comes a month after Sydney-based scientist Mark Diesendorf claimed fluoride could cause bone cancer in men.

One of the six health experts , South West Healthcare chief executive officer John Krygger last night told The Standard the city was languishing behind other parts of the country.

“The health benefits of fluoride are well known and it has the support of the World Health Organisation, The National Health and Medical Research Council and the International Association for Dental Research,” he said.

“This issue has been bubbling around in the public arena for some time and it should be considered in similar vein to other public health issues.”

Paediatrician Dr Greg Pallas, Mr Krygger, the Australian Dental Association South West Group president Anthony Davies, Otway Division of General Practice’s Dr John Philpot, Gunditjmara Aboriginal Co-operative chief Rod Jackson and

South West Primary Care Partnership chairman David Keilar called for fluoride to be added to the city’s supplies in a letter to The Standard.
The group, responding to a number of letters from anti-fluoride campaigners, said many of the published views were incorrect. The medical experts said both the Government and health professionals carried the responsibility of making
decisions for the best community outcome.

“This is as relevant to the issue of water fluoridation as it is to the mandatory wearing of seatbelts or the banning of smoking in public areas,” the letter said.

Mr Krygger said fluoride in small, controlled doses helped prevent tooth decay and was backed by scientific evidence.